Amy Poehler, How I love thee

This post is about my unconditional, innate, will-hit-you-if-you-even-try-to-convince-me-otherwise, belief that Amy Poehler and I would be friends if we met. My situation humor would fit in perfectly with her creative comedy, my supportive audience would complement her theatrics and she will love me back.

Amy Poehler is one part to the comedy cupcake baked to perfection at SNL. There are more women but then this post would never end.

How hot is this picture?? image source

Her humor is a mixture of warmth and self deprecation that is hard to not relate to. She could be making fun of you and you would join in and crack up because you feel safe with Amy. Unless of course you’re Taylor Swift and your funny bone has been surgically removed.

She is unafraid to get down and dirty. This video of her as Andy’s little sister who is in love with Conan O’Brien will change your life. There are more of it. Find them.

Also, she played this mom character in Mean Girls. Hilarious.

I’m a cool mom. source

Amy’s a real person. I know I’m younger than her and not really in a position to judge, but when Amy Poehler talks, I can identify human thoughts making human sense caring about fellow humans.

In a world where this exists,

we need Amy Poehler who is part of Smart Girls, a youtube channel to inspire intelligence and thoughtfulness in women. She has a series called ‘Ask Amy‘ where she answers viewer’s questions on life. Her advice is practical, full of baby steps, understanding and encouragement. This video of her talking about moving to a new town is my favorite.

Did you see her son at the end there? Did we talk about how she’s also a mom?

Her laugh.

How the people around her talk about her. Watch the video on this page, to see Seth Meyers answer earnestly a viewer’s question on the phone about Amy Poehler only to find out its Amy Poehler herself on the other end.

Her show Parks and Recreation is a winner. I watch every second with relish.

What had to be said, had to be said. But what I love most about her is that she does not sit in any molds. She’s blonde and smart, weird looking and sexy, insane and honest, and independent while knowing when to hold somebody’s hand.

Amy Poehler for President. No. Not really. You know what I mean.

Also, this.


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