@100 : It’s ok

@100 is a self inflicted goal to express an idea in 100 words or less. I stole borrowed this idea from the blog infinite awe, where Kate writes stories in 100 words or less. This story is inspired by my friendship with G, who writes Blueberry Nice. #foreverunclean
I get off the train. It has been a decade since I saw my best friend. Even though we have kept in touch over the years, the prospect of actual proximity is making me feel afraid and disconnected. “This is why we need regular eye contact”, I tell myself. With the crowd thinning, we spot each other and she moves in to give me a hug. My stomach is churning and I am acutely aware of how silly this feeling is. “This is weird”, I say into her shoulder. She giggles, grips me and makes humping moves. “Is this weirder?”


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6 Responses to @100 : It’s ok

  1. infiniteawe says:

    Glad to see I helped you discover a different form of writing! Excellent work! I am excited to see what you will come out with next!

  2. Awesome….i am sure the second was not so weird….why wud it be 😉

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