To my friends.

I don’t know the exact moment when we went from being friendly to being friends. When our friendship was new it felt the same day to day, but was a subtly dynamic time, adding new layers to our connection. Now your presence is more fluid to me. You are an extension of my thoughts. You are home.

Sometimes I wonder if we are close because we met when we were young and because being young comes with its dramatic struggles that make friendship seem friendlier and enmity seem worse. As I grow older, I find myself less able to connect with people this well. Maybe the reason is because I already have you and can afford to be as picky as I please. Maybe I’m just taking my time letting people in. Maybe everyone else sucks, or worse, maybe I’m an asshole and just got lucky with you.

I was narcissistic enough to think my struggles were special till I met you. The rough bits of life are worth walking through because we get to do it together.

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