Being human

When someone hurts you they seem monsterly in their malice. 

Its hard to remember that they are human. It’d do us well to remember that all of us have our own sense of right and wrong, and do the best we can at different times. If someone cares that they hurt you and are sorry they did, that’s a battle half won. The other half is coming to a mutual agreement on what behavior is acceptable.

Humanize Your Monsters Today!!

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3 Responses to Being human

  1. blueberry says:

    Ash, you have been tagged! I am not sure how trackbacks work–
    There you go

  2. welcome likers!! thank you.
    do leave me links to your own blogs…

  3. blueberry32 says:

    I feel like there are more options- need to think them through before I suggest!

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