My life is full of nuts

Old Story I found in an old mail. I wrote this to a friend to explain my evening.

I was swimming with Ma and my brother, P. It was peaceful, the whole huge pool to ourselves in the night with a breeze. I saw a frog swimming in the pool with a proper breast stroke and stopped to look at it. Ma comes over to see why I’m not swimming and she develops the crazy need to have the frog out when she finds out. Then she’s trying to throw entire areas of water out by pushing water. She instead, created a wave that the frog rode to get away from her. It was insane. The frog is paddling so hard to get away from her and I start giggling. P swims by to see what we are giggling about and I tell him there’s a frog. He stops mid stroke and leaves the pool, saying he’s not OK with swimming with frogs. He’s on the way home with mom in the pool yelling at him for not helping her get it out. Then she tried to push it to the suction cleaner thing. Murder attempt. Poor thing would get crushed. I was arguing with her saying that it’ll die and she’s fighting back saying “No no, he’ll come out on the other side.” Luckily she decided to follow P.

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3 Responses to My life is full of nuts

  1. blueberry32 says:

    ‘proper breast stroke’

  2. yay someone thinks im funny..self esteem set to bloat

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