To do or not to do it drunk

I wish someone would write a book and explain the ethics of being emotional when your drunk to me.

First of all, how is it that drinking brings out the real in all of us? You’d think when the brain cells are dying from the poison the brain would try to save the person by feigning normalcy instead of showing obvious signs of weakness. Or is that when the brain thinks its in danger, it wants you to have a chance at peace before you “die”.

The emotions that people show when they are drunk confuses me. I still haven’t figured out if they count. I’m no exception to this blame. I’ve taken many a swig of miracle juice to get courage to do what I want to and strip down all the fears. Knowingly surrendering my inhibitions in an attempt to figure out what I was willing to do and get into.

Does a person who acts like an asshole everyday but is perfectly tame and sweethearty when he’s drunk deserve our sympathies? If the “true” him is nice, does that make him a nice person who’s just too confused and scared to show it?

Being on the offending end, it seems alright. If I did have to do something that took courage and exposure of vulnerability, I’d rather do it drunk. Somehow its comforting knowing that you’d be too drunk to feel the pain fully. Or just knowing you wouldn’t be afraid to cry and there are only few things worse than pent up hurt.

On the defense, it seems all wrong. When someone is an asshole to me everyday and makes me angry/distant, but pulls me close and shows me vulnerability when drunk, it makes me angry. Holding back affections is so much harder than holding back anger. It feels like I’ve been subjected to cruelty. We’ve brought ourselves to a place where someone showing you they care feels cruel.

Maybe the answer is to eliminate booze and level out the playing field. Maybe our society deems drinking as bad just to level things out. Make it easier for everyone to tell good and bad. Maybe what will work is a healthy weighted average. Pick a threshold of what is acceptable overall and stick to it?

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