The Adventures of Ginger

Part 1 and Part 2 are here. I hope you like it.

Part 3

Ginger, my self-esteem, was twelve and hurt. Her friends had called her names and said some untruths about her in front of everybody. She was worried. “What will they think of me? Will the rest of them know that what they said was untrue?!! Why oh why didn’t I stand up for myself.” She paced the floor of the bathroom getting madder and madder. She had fled away from the scene, not knowing what to do and how to deal with it.

“Oh my God!! I hope Z didn’t hear.” Ginger had secretly adored Z since kindergarden. He unfortunately had pinned her to be a “really good close friend”. The thought that Z might have heard sparked a desire in her to stand up for herself. As she thought about it, something amazing happened. Her right hand felt heavy. She looked down, smiled, knowing instinctively that she was loved and unafraid.

She cringed inside at the task but shook it off. She walked out of the bathroom with her head held high and stomped into class. The professor was teaching. He waved her in and signaled her to sit down. Ginger walked upto Sandra, the head bully, and showed her the Finger. The class gasped and the teacher turned around from the blackboard. The sight ahead startled him too. Ginger’s Finger was twice the size of a regular person and Ginger’s entire demeanor along with the Finger was menacing. It was as though the Finger was a force field forcing everyone to back off. The teacher himself found that he was unable to interwene. The Finger stood between Sandra and Ginger until Sandra whimpered.

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5 Responses to The Adventures of Ginger

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  2. Pingback: The Adventures of Ginger. | lighttightmind

  3. blueberry32 says:

    characteristic*, I meant, of course.

  4. blueberry32 says:

    Haha, how charateristic!
    ‘The Finger stood between Sandra and Ginger until Sandra whimpered.’
    How well put! Poetic.

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