The Adventures of Ginger.

Part 1

Ginger, my self esteem, was a fun-loving girl with regular fingers and regular toes. When she was young, her family, skilled in witchcraft, put a spell on her. Why, you could say, would a family willingly curse one of their own? The reason is always as simple as-to protect her from herself.

Finding fault is not so fun,
But my child it needs to be done,
What will protect you, sure ain’t your thumb.

When your sad and learn to save yourself,
Something will rise and get off the shelf,
It ll come to light, to be your sword,
Use it well and unleash discord.

We’ll help you some and make it big,
Give you the family’s only rig,
Give you the family’s only rig.”,

sang the family, surrounding Ginger who had just turned one, each clasping one toe and carrying the child between them suspended. The baby roared with fear and pain wishing to understand the chanting. The frustration of the unexplained pain cause hurt in her delicate heart and she blamed her parents. “How dare they!!”, she thought. As she felt emotionally hurt, something weird happened. Her right hand felt heavier. She was sure that one of her fingers twitched but she couldn’t be sure. Both her hands looked alike so she pushed the thought aside to focus on the present. The chanting had stopped and her family was gathered around her. “It worked!! Look!!”, exclaimed her mom. “Well, at least they are happy.”, thought Ginger and drifted off to sleep.

to be contd here. Part 2 and Part 3

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