Because my mommy loves me

There are times when all of us face our truths and watch them melt against reality. The reality of our lives cause us to change what we believe in or at least face a situation under which all we stand for backfires in our face. In such times, we will fall apart if it wasn’t for the basic glue that holds us together. For me, that glue has always been my mom.

When I feel like I can count on no one and feel all alone, my mommy always talks to me. When I feel like I dont deserve to be loved and am backed up against a wall burdened with guilt, my mommy still likes me. When I dont know what to believe and am facing a moral crossroad, my mommy always supports me. When I’ve wronged and don’t know how to fix it, my mommy always forgives me. When I feel ugly and can’t face myself in the mirror, my mommy thinks I’m pretty.

In every situation, over every amazing person, above all comfort, above all money and above herself, I know my mommy always will choose me. I’m the luckiest girl in the world because my mommy loves me.

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