Dear Future Me,

I really have big hopes for you. Of all the things that I want for you, things like love, money, health and friends, what I want more than anything for you to have is a sense of wonder. I hope you learn to use your brain to do things you truly love. And what you love today as a 25 year old, someone who has the best years ahead of her and the strongest roots and support behind her, is a sense of fun in creating something out of nothing. I hope your having fun and if you are, you are successful. There’s no amount of money that can give you the feeling of a hearty laugh, a loving look and collective cheer.

Today, you want to create a space where the human experience counts for a good story and nothing else is valued more. I want you to everyday, look to your left and tell anyone who will listen that you are thankful to be here and you’re glad they are here too to share in your dream. These are people who have made it with you. They deserve your respect and attention and you deserve theirs. Don’t let anyone take that feeling from you.

Also, remember you are loved.

Sincerely, Me.

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